This company provides excellent work and excellent customer service. They are true to their estimates and communicate efficiently and effectively. They are very professional and super friendly to interact with. I highly recommend their services!

Katie R

The tree trimmers, the fire blight treatment people have been wonderful. This year the best trim ever on all my trees that they did. I have found the lawn treatment people to be sort of hit or miss. But....I did skip their treatment 2 years.....and had different people and my lawn definitely suffered. So...........there is that. Eric has always been beyond helpful in working through lots of things with me.

— Bonnie G

I live up in the mountains of course I had a field mice problem. I went to the local hardware stores in town to buy and set out mouse traps but to no avail. They kept coming back. I searched online for a locally owned pest control outfit. I found two. I emailed both and Bozeman Tree, Lawn & Landscape was the only one that returned my call. Great start. After I explained my problem they sent a field technician to my home. Dan arrived with all the equipment needed to hunt down those pesky little critters. With one week of Dan deploying his traps I saw a drastic reduction in mice. Dan even replaced my chewed up plastic vent grates in the crawl space with metal wire (mice chew through plastic).

So now they can't get in my home and the multiple traps Dan set out are taking care of those that are in my home. Last night I left on the kitchen table a ton of wrapped food leftover from Memorial Day picnic and not one mice dropping or evidence of mice nibbling. Six stars out of five results. Oh by the way they are super reasonable cost wise. Worth every penny.

— Christobal A

Bozeman Tree and Landscape never disappoints. Professionals who know the best for our lawn needs.

— Ann L

We were recommended to Bozeman Tree, Lawn and Landscape Cape by an employee. They have been great to work with and they communicate well with us about the service they provide.

— Corey J