Meet Our Team

Jeff Pfeil, Owner

As many of you know I started Bozeman Tree in 2000 after moving here from Cincinnati to finish college at M.S.U. Here it is already 17 years later and so much has changed. Through the changes and growth, I have tried very hard to maintain perspective and remember who we are. At home, my two sons Kaleb and Oliver are the primary focus of my wife, Jirina, and I. Oliver turns 7 and Kaleb turns 11 at the end of the year. Kaleb is already starting to talk about coming to work with me and “working alongside you” someday. What more could a guy really ask for!

Shirley Vanderstelt, Controller

This year marks 12 years since I started with BTLL and I couldn’t be more proud of the company we have grown to become in those 12 years. When I started, we had two trucks and two crew members, now I can’t drive through Bozeman without seeing a truck or one of our yard signs out there. Thank you all for your continued loyalty to us and allowing us the opportunity to keep your yards and trees healthy and happy! Please feel free to stop in anytime to say "hi." We are always glad to meet you in person. Thanks for being the reason we are so happy to come to work every day!! When I'm not working, I enjoy all that Montana has to offer, usually viewed from the back seat of our motorcycle or floating down one of the many rivers. Someday I hope to travel the USA and get a souvenir from every state. I am also hoping to spend another week or two on an island somewhere with an umbrella drink. Until then, BTLL is where I will spend my days.

Chris Manifold, General Manager

I have been a part of the Bozeman Tree Lawn & Landscape Care team for just about 6 years now and have worked in various spots in the company; out in the field as a spray technician for lawns and plant health care,  the Customer Service Manager, Operations and now currently the General Manager. My focus is on continued growth within the company and getting my team refined to take care of clients the way that I have enjoyed over the years. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. In the summer months I spend time on the river, the greens and camping any time I can. Come the winter, I like to hibernate in the warmth of my home and I prefer to stay near the fire.

Amy Parsons, Administrative Assistant and Customer Service

Thank you Gallatin Valley! I joined BTLL in the spring of 2015 as a temp but due to your continued support, I was invited to stay! I am learning the business as I go and look forward to evolving with the company as we continue to grow with the valley.

I was raised in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York State. I found myself drawn to the West by a photo album I saw of a friend’s working summer vacation in Yellowstone. I spent 3 ½ years living in the park year round before moving to Bozeman. I attended MSU but my unconventional skill set was truly born of a strong desire to be outside whether for work or play, leading to unique and empowering employment opportunities all over Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. I have an active mind that passes the time by wondering how things work, pondering philosophical anomalies, singing and creative writing. I also love kayaking, snow sports, destinationless road trips, anything related to bodywork, rainbows and bacon.

April Lucore-Christensen, Marketing Coordinator and Customer Service


Born and raised in Palmer Alaska, I’m starting a new chapter in life with my husband, who was born and raised in the Bozeman/Ennis area. He transferred to Alaska with the military 15 years ago. We were given the opportunity to come back to Bozeman with the Montana Army National Guard making Manhattan our new home in September 2016.

Starting the 2016 Summer Season with the Bozeman Tree Lawn and Landscape Care team as the Marketing  Coordinator and Customer Service Assistant, has been a wonderful added adventure to my book of life. Leaving Alaska to live in Montana is very much the same, but on a smaller scale, the perk being that I can drive an hour and a half and be in another state!

2017 free time was all about camping, fishing and being outdoors and enjoying adventures in Montana. I am looking forward to all the excitement of the upcoming 2018 season with BTLL, as we continue to grow with the Gallatin Valley.

Special thank you to all our clients and my co-workers for making it so great to come to work each day!  

Erik Schneider, Consulting Arborist

I've lived in the Gallatin Valley for 18 years. I started working at Bozeman Tree, Lawn and Landscape Care in 2011. I've worked in all aspects of the company from lawn care to plant health care. I am an ISA certified arborist and I am licensed by the State of Montana for pesticide application pertaining to turf and ornamental, and also agriculture, for various broadleaf weeds, insects, fungus, etc. I have had 4 years previous experience with lawn care and plant health care with Nitro Green which is now part of Bozeman Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Care. When I’m not working I enjoy spending my free time with my family Martha, Clayton, and Maggie.


John Noreika, Consulting Arborist

I was raised on a small subsistence farm in Pennsylvania. My first jobs were pulling weeds in the garden and milking the cow. As a teenager, I found myself drawn to jobs in the green industry. Moving to Bozeman in 1994, I enrolled at MSU. Graduating from Montana State University in Horticulture Science set my foundation in the green industry of the great state of Montana. My work experience has ranged from plant biochemical and genetic analysis to vegetable gardening, landscaping, and retail nursery sales. I have worked in research with native plants in Yellowstone National Park and have worked in the fight against noxious weeds with the Rocky Mountain Forestry Sciences Laboratory.   I have over twenty years of experience in the landscape industry and the nursery industry in the Gallatin valley. I have held various credentials in these industries including Certified Landscape Technician with ALCA (now PLANET), and Certified Plant Professional with MNLA.  As an ISA certified arborist, I have been with Bozeman Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Care for six years and have experience in every service that we provide from tree pruning and removal to pesticide spraying. In 2014 I became an ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, one of just a few in the state of Montana. As a sales person, you can expect honest answers to your questions providing you with the knowledge to address your landscape needs from top to bottom. When I am not working I prefer to be navigating the pristine rivers of our state in a drift boat, casting a fly rod to catch that elusive big trout that I know is out there somewhere. As a husband and father I have learned great lessons in patience, humility, and compassion. My wife, Dorothy, and sons, Pete and Lou, are the center of my universe!